The Company


Over thirty years LAMIFLEX GROUP has been successfully and continuously making improvements and innovations based on the strictest principles of modern industry - technology, know-how of undisputed leaders, intelligent use of materials and ideas. The results achieved are clearly marked by steady growth and competitiveness.
Dynamism, precision manufacturing, research and constant technological innovation have allowed the GROUP to establish itself in Italy and abroad as a market leader in the field of technical laminated composites, and able to offer innovative products, often revolutionary, always at the front of technology & reliable quality. LAMIFLEX COMPOSITES is the company assigned for the development of new products formulated and designed by the Lamiflex Group.


Lamiflex SpA began its activity in the market by launching a revolutionary concept in the manufacturing process of Flexible Rapier Tapes for weaving looms. The first customers were predominantly Italian loom manufacturers.
The loom manufacturers are literally conquered by the innovative systems Lamiflex has created and with this new idea this they could develop fast running Rapier Looms.
Soon the news spread across the borders, remarkably from Belgium, came the first customer who made a major contract of collaboration outside Italy.

Lamiflex consolidated its position on the international scene by gaining the trust of the majority of designers employed by the textile loom manufacturers, including those in Japan. The high-tech Lamiflex products made it possible for loom manufacturers to further increase the machine speed, from the previous average 350 picks/min. up-lifted to 500 picks/min.
At the same period a brand-new, innovative material appeared in the market: Carbon Fiber. Lamiflex immediately appreciated its great technical properties and adopted it to produce Rapier Tapes, Supports and Wheels with particular high-tech content, and the Carbon Fiber Tape then replaced the steel ribbon widely used previously.

Lamiflex opened a sales office & stock house to serve the Asian markets more closely. This new born LAMIFLEX -ASIA LTD. expresses the strong approach of the Group to these emerging markets.
Only 2 years later the group’s efforts have lead to the signing of a major trade and collaboration agreement with a China looms Fabricant: ZheJiang Wanli Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. Now there are some more loom builders in China showing their interest to cooperate with Lamiflex Group.

Today, there are new Lamiflex’s Rapier Tapes able to withstand speeds over 800 picks/min.